join forces to make a difference

All    of   the   beauty   of   the   world   is   in   are hands    we    have   the choice   of   what   we   do with   it 

how i got started 

it was a crisp morning in the beginning of spring when every thing starts to wakeup may third to be precise my favorite time of the year, which might be part of the reason that i choose that day to ask my mom and dad to use the family camera but anyway i asked which surprised them nearly more then me. but i did. and as soon as i picked it up, starting with my finger tips a strange tingling felling crept up my for arm. my original impulse was to drop it but something inside told me not to so instead i went out side and tried every button tell i got the hang of it. in other words i taught myself how to take photos and have staid with it tell now. all that happened 3 years ago when i was only 8 now i am 11 an i am trying to save the world with the blest naturalists, by sharing the love of nature to the millions of people so that together we might just be able to mack a difference before it is to late