• Doolin Moran

All About Spring Migration in Wisconsin...

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

The best way to know when Spring is coming is to watch and listen to the birds in the sky. A lot of birds stick around all winter, but the return of a few key birds are a sure sign that spring is here.

The list of spring birds I always watch for ~ in order ~ are:

1) Sandhill Cranes:

Usually I hear the sandhill cranes before I see them. There is no sound quite as magical as the first beautiful bugling trumpets of the sandhill cranes.

sandhill crane

2) Robins

when i see a robin i know the log wait for spring is finally coming to a stand still.

unlike the sandhill cranes i usually see the striking red breast of the robin before i her them.


3) Redwing Blackbirds

as well as the sandhill crane i usually hear the redwing blackbirds then a few secants latter i will see the dazzling red on this amazing birds wings

redwing blackbird